Windows Defender Antivirus Review

When using computers, one of the most important points of concern is the security of the system. Especially, since you will be using the internet along with it. And you never know, what can go wrong when. Therefore, you will find out all of that in this Windows Defender Antivirus Review article.

The power of technology is at an all-time high in this era. And as such, troublemakers have all of that to their disposal. It can be any kind of threats, from a computer virus that can attack your system to the potential online security risks. And thus, inflict severe damage and cause you lose. Thus, all of them steal all of your important data and other information.

Consequences of these can be very bad. And you will have to do everything in your power to prevent this from happening.

That is where software like an antivirus comes in to help you defend against that. So, let’s look into this Windows Defender antivirus review article. And see how this can help you,

windows defender antivirus review

The Complete Windows Defender Antivirus Review

The Windows Operating System happens to be the most popular among all the others. And the Windows Defender antivirus system comes along with that. So, if you happen to use this Operating System, then you have the wanted protection.

But, it is worth checking out the Windows Defender antivirus review. After which, you can find out whether this software will be enough. And also, whether it will give your computer system the requisite protection for the ways you use your computer.

Or, if you will have to get yourself a different software for this purpose. So, it keeps your computer and all the important data in it, all secure.

There will be various aspects of this software as you will get to see in this Windows Defender antivirus review. For which, you will be able to make an informed choice whether you want to use this or not.

Antivirus Security Performance

The first factor regarding an antivirus system is how it will do its job of protecting against virus attacks. The Windows Defender is something that fits into the background of the system functioning. Most importantly, it does not get much in the way of the different working software.

What this does is covertly scan for the signature of the different malware that there might be. And send all of that information to a cloud-based storage system. This is how it collects data and that helps it keep track of the system status. Thus, it gives you accurate reports on the malware activities.

You can also put a stop to this data collection process if you prefer so. It has the option for that.

Other than that it also has a lot of different tools to take care of system security. For example, it has the capability to shift all the different source codes. And gets quickly to all the troublesome pieces of code that might just be there.

Also, malware has this thing where they rewrite a lot of different files. The ransomware protection system prevents those corrupt files from rewriting. And Windows Defender also has a great system for providing the requisite network protection.

Impact on the system performance

How much antivirus software takes a toll on system performance is quite important. As far as the Windows Defender antivirus goes, you will not be able to deactivate this. Unless you have a replacement for it going on.

Normally, without any kind of antivirus activity, this does not have much of an impact on the performance. But when you are running a full scan with the Windows Defender, it will have an effect.

Overall, the performance of your computer system will hinder by 15%, which is good. Considering it is only AVG that did better than this. But the most important thing is the Quick Scan feature.

This is the one that people use the most for on the go antivirus scanning. And the Quick scan feature of the Windows Defender is pretty quick. It will not have a lot of effect on the performance of your computer system and neither will gobble your crucial time up.

So, the Windows Defender is quite good in this department.

Privacy Security

Windows Defender is security software that comes along with the Windows operating system. As such this does not bring along with it any kind of extra feature that you might have to pay for. It is very neat in that regard and does the job well.

As it does not need any exchange of information with third-party systems, it is pretty safe in that regard. And as for the data collection, which is there to improve the security performance of this antivirus software. You will be able to opt out of that if you do not want Windows to share your browsing information.

This also does quite a good job of protecting web browsers. As it scans through all the sites that you open and thus, detects any malware. Other than that, the security threats can also come from the various email attachments that come. Windows Defender also scans through all of that to detect threats.

The User Interface

The user interface of the Windows Defender antivirus software is pretty basic. You will get all the necessary options, just like you would expect from any antivirus software. And the appearance is rather light on the vision.

All the important buttons for the different types of functions are right up front. And you will be able to turn them on and off as per your requirements.

The only issue will be if you want to go to the Security Center. Then you will have to click around a little for that.

Drawing the Line

This brings the review of the Windows Defender antivirus to an end. The thing about this antivirus software is that this will do the job well.

But, the level of performance lags is quite a bit behind the best antivirus software in the market. Since this is free of cost, that will not be a problem.

You always have the option of getting a new antivirus software available to you. If you want more security for your computer.

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