Kaspersky Won’t Update? Effective Ways To Fix

Kaspersky is considered to be one of the best anti-virus software. If the databases are not updated, then you might come across this issue. 

Viruses and malware attacks are also additional reasons for this problem. Sometimes, the subscription period might have expired and that can lead to this problem. 

You might also encounter this issue because two software can conflict with each other. If the date and time settings in Windows are not adjusted, then you might face this issue. 

Sometimes, the Battery Saving option might be enabled and because of that, you might encounter this issue. Hence, you need proficient solutions that can fix the “Kaspersky won’t update” issue at the earliest.

Kaspersky Update Failed: Tips and Tricks to Implement  

Here, we have discussed a few simple tricks. After applying those solutions manually, you will be able to solve the Kaspersky update failed issue effortlessly. 

Solution 1: Check the Expiry Date of the Kaspersky Subscription

You should know that Kaspersky only implements the updates during its subscription period. To update the Kaspersky subscription, you need to check the Kaspersky subscription’s expiry date. If your subscription period is over then that might be the reason why Kaspersky failing to update

Solution 2: Check the Update Settings of the Software 

You might know that Kaspersky will be updated automatically but that is not completely true. In the Kaspersky, you will find a “Download and Install New Versions Automatically” option. 

If you have enabled that option, then this software will not be updated automatically. To check this option, go through the steps cited below. 

  1. First, locate the Kaspersky Anti-Virus window and then double-click on the gear button. 
  2. Now, open the Update Settings menu. For that, go to the Additional and then click on the Update option. 
  3. If i is not selected, then double click on the “Download and Install New Versions Automatically”. 
  4. Head over to the Update settings and then select the “Configure User Account Settings” option. 
  5. If you have configured Kaspersky, then double-click on the Current user in order to run updates for another user. 
  6. Finally, you need to tap on the Save button. 

Solution 3: Date and Time Settings Needs Adjustment 

To fix Kaspersky failing to update issues, make sure that Date and Time settings are adjusted in your Windows device. If the system’s clock differs from the actual time, then it will fail to continue the process. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to adjust the date and time. 

  1. Initially, open the Search bar. For that, go to the Taskbar and then tap on the Cortana button. 
  2. Go to the Search box and type the date and time and then double click on the “Change the date and time” option. 
  3. In order to adjust the date and time, turn off the “Set the time automatically” option. 
  4. Now, tap on the Change button and then adjust the date and time settings. 
  5. Next, click on the Change button. 
  6. If the system’s CMOS battery is not working appropriately, then sync the system’s time with the Microsoft time server. 

Solution 4: Deselect the Battery Saving Option 

If your Kaspersky’s Battery Saving option is turned on, then you might face this issue. So make sure that you turned off the Battery Saving option. To deselect the Battery Saving option, perform the steps that are mentioned below. 

  1. First, open the Settings window and for that double-click on the Settings. 
  2. From the left side of the window, click on the Performance. 
  3. Now, turn off the battery saving and for that deselect the “Disable scheduled scan tasks while running on battery power” option. 

Solution 5: Uninstall Other Antivirus Software 

If you are running another antivirus software with the Kaspersky, then you might come across this issue. Because software clashes can happen. 

  1. First, tap on the Windows key and R at the same time on your keyboard to open the Run accessory. 
  2. Go to the Open Text box to enter “appwiz.cpl”. 
  3. Then, hit the Enter button to launch the “Program and Features Control Panel applet”. 
  4. Other than Kaspersky, click on another anti-virus utility and then choose the Uninstall option. 
  5. Finally, select the Yes option. 

Solution 6: Choose “Do Not Use Proxy Server Option” 

You might face Kaspersky update failed issue because of the proxy server settings. Make sure that you selected the “Do not use proxy server” option. 

  1. First, open the Settings and for that double-click on the gear button. 
  2. From the Settings window, select the Additional option. 
  3. Now, locate the Networking options and for that click on the Network. 
  4. Select the “Do not use proxy server” option. 
  5. Sometimes, you might use a proxy connection. Then, you should double-check the Proxy Server settings. 

Additional Steps to Download Updates Automatically 

Here are the steps that you need to follow on your own to download the Kaspersky updates automatically. 

  1. Open the Kaspersky and go to the system tray or the notification area and then select the Kaspersky icon. 
  2. From the bottom-right corner, select the Settings option to open Kaspersky settings.  
  3. Go to the left pane and then double-click on the Additional option. 
  4. Now, access the Update Settings page and select the Update Settings option. 
  5. Next, select the “Download and install the updates automatically” option and followed by the “Set Up Updates Run Mode” option. 
  6. Finally, you need to save it to Automatically and then tap on the Save button. 

Hopefully, these solutions might help you to fix the “Kaspersky won’t update” issue without any hassle. Finally, you can try to update the application and note whether the problem is recurring.


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