A Complete VIPRE Antivirus Review 2019

ThreatTrack Security Inc. has manufactured VIPRE anti-malware software to provide high-quality security solutions to a large number of Windows users. And for a decade or so, they are doing the same with due reputation. It is one of the best performing antiviruses for quite long a period. This easy to manage and install antivirus possesses above average file detection rates and Android support as well. In this article, we will talk about Vipre in minute details and serve as a convincing review inside out.

Vipre Antivirus Review


Packaged Features and Highlights:

Now, in this part of this article, we will tell you about all the different kinds of plans and features of the products that VIPRE antivirus offers. They provide three VIPRE Antivirus Home version and special versions for business users.

All of the versions come with attractive features like Social Watch, Search Guard, Easy Install, Edge Protection, and Certified antivirus. And with all these, Active Protection, Email,  Easy Install, instant messaging protection, and Anti-spyware protection. Also, instant messaging protection and removable media scanning.

  • VIPRE Internet Security 2016 has some amazing qualities such as:
  1. Bad website blocking
  2. Anti-spam protection
  3. Anti-intrusion protection
  4. Two-way firewall protection
  5. Instant URL lookup


  • VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 has Advanced Active Protection feature that includes cloud-enabled assessment for improved threat detection and remediation and also, instant behavioral analysis


  • VIPRE Antivirus 2017 adds online identity, full antivirus protection, financial protection, chat, e-mail and spam blocking for 1 PC.

With these, VIPRE Internet Security, 2017 and VIPRE Internet Security 2017 Lifetime License also have all the above features that provide full protection to the users.

Ease of Use:

VIPRE antivirus provides a seamless user experience with its easy to use quality. In the beginning, maybe you will feel uncomfortable with the unique choices of their color scheme that affects readability. But after some clicks, it becomes comfortable to perform Full Scans, Quick Scans or performance optimizations of the system. No one faces any trouble during using VIPRE solutions. The whole process consists of putting in your license key after launching the installer file and clicking on Agree & Continue.

And you can easily run Antivirus scans with the help of the dashboard of VIPRE and dig into deeper and more configurable settings. Furthermore, due to the color scheme, the dashboard is easy to read and clean along with intuitive.

Performance and reliability:

When it comes to the question of antivirus it is important to cover two primary areas:

  • Virus detection through traditional virus scanning
  • Real-time protection as files are save to the system

As per our test results, though it is a little bit slow for real-time scanning protection, it is above average for traditional virus file detection.

VIPRE Customer Support:

It is really important to bring it to the front that the VIPRE antivirus boasts a U.S.-based support team with lots of features on their website. They provide a better and satisfied user experience having a toll-free number to support their customers. If your computer is infected, then you can use their tool named VIPRE Rescue. They provide these facilities to make their database better:


They provide different pricing system for a different package of purchase. It depends on the number of devices that you want to protect and for how many years. For purchasing a perfect plan for your system you can research a little bit more. At last, what we can say is that it is one of the best-priced antiviruses that you can choose from.

And the cherry on the cake is that VIPRE has some special offers regarding the money back policy. They provide a good span of time to the users to check whether it is reliable or not.


At the end of this Vipre review what we like to add is that this antivirus is the product from the company that is staying strong in the market for more than 20 years. With trust, loyalty, and reliability it belongs to the best series of antimalware or antivirus products.

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