Panda Antivirus Review

If you are an avid user of computers and the internet, which most people are. Then, you must be familiar with the degree of danger that the cyberthreats signals. It can damage your computer system, and even the smartphones in many more ways than one. Find more on that, in this Panda Antivirus Review article.

And even worse, it can cause data breach where hackers can break into your system firmware. And then, wreak havoc and steal important data, thus putting you in the way of troubles. And with every passing day, technology is getting better and better. And as such, the margin of risk is going sky high. Fortunately, there is the antivirus software which is also improving in conjunction with that. And it is truly a ‘must use’, if you want to safely use it on your computer and browse the web. You can use it without getting into technical trouble at every step of your way.


On the topic of antiviruses, one of the premier ones that you can get for yourself is the Panda Antivirus. It has a lot of cool features, and they will be quite useful as well, as you will find out soon.

In this Panda antivirus review article, you will get the complete review of this particular antivirus software program. In case you were wondering whether you should purchase this one or not. Then, this article will help you quite a bit.

You will have all the necessary information at hand that will guide you. Thus, help you in deciding whether Panda Antivirus is worth it for you.

Panda Antivirus Review

There are many different options that you can get once you start looking for the antivirus software in the market. One will be better than the other, and as such, it can be confusing.

To deal with such a dilemma effectively, what you will have to do is finding out which features other than the common ones, you might need. And then, make your choice based out of that, looking for the one which might suit your needs the best.

Panda Antivirus has its quirks when it comes to antivirus protection features. And in this section of the Panda antivirus review, you will find all the necessary information on that. So, without further ado, let’s get into the detailed review of this –

Protection from the virus attacks

This factor is, as usual, the most important thing to look for in an antivirus protection software. As to how good of a job it can do to keep your computer system safe from virus attacks. And as far as the performance of Panda Antivirus goes, it is very good.

You will have antivirus protection on three levels, which makes it substantially reliable. It scans through the source codes of the different pages to detect the presence of any kind of malware. As those things have set signatures, and if it finds something sketchy, it will show.

It also does collect a lot of browsing data in order to increase detection accuracy. This is something that you will not be able to switch off if you want to. Thus, it contradicts with the other antivirus software, so that might be an issue for some.

But overall, because of the 3 layer protection system. It does a very good job and prevents a lot of damage. But if that gets in the way of certain programs, which it can. Then, you can ease it with the Game mode.

Overall, this does well for antivirus protection.

Impact on the System Performance

How an antivirus affects the overall performance of the system is a very important issue. As some antivirus software take a heavy toll on the system performance. And that can have unwanted negative effects also.

Fortunately, the Panda Antivirus does not do that to the system and is good in that regard. In terms of ratings, this has a 7.2% rating. Which means that it will slow down the system by this much percentage. The calculation is based on the loading time it takes.

This is a very good rating, second only to Kaspersky. It does increase when you are using this to scan your computer system for viruses and other malware. But, with subsequent scanning processes, the time it takes does decrease.

There is also the feature for quickly scanning, which they call the Critical Area Scan. This happens quite quickly and you will find yourself using this quite a bit. And this does the job pretty good as well.

Protection for browsing privacy

Panda Antivirus is also a great option to go for, in case you want protection for your browsing privacy. You will get 150MB each day for using the VPN service and it can thus be very useful.

Only thing is that you will get no choice for choosing the connection protocol. But, you will have the choice of where to connect from.

Panda Antivirus also has a feature for scanning website malware on the go, called the Safe Web URL. It can work with all the major web browsers that are there. Along with that, the Cloud Cleaner web page from Panda gives the users a great online cleanup service.

And in case that fails, you have Panda’s rescue software to do that job. So, Panda does well in this aspect also.

The User Interface

The Panda Antivirus user interface gives you a lot of different options to customize it to your liking.

On the primary window of this antivirus software, you will find all the important things that you might need. To the left of the window, you will find all the necessary settings options.

And the process monitor, which is unique to Panda. Does a great job of displaying the status of all the processes that are running in your system.


Panda has a lot of great things about it, but there is just one catch. The antivirus protection capability is not as good as the bigger names in this field. But still, the VPN system that comes with it, can prove to be very useful.

The small amount of impact on the system is a good thing, as it will not hamper the regular system’s functions. And yes, the data collection is something you will have to come to terms with. As there is no option for opting out.


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