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Antivirus software is one of the most important programs that you might need for your computer. Because, when you consider the capabilities of modern technology, your computer system or smartphones are much more vulnerable to online threats, than ever. You will find all information regarding this, in this Norton Antivirus Review article.

Especially while using the internet, the scope of cyber threats increases a lot. You never know what can go wrong when. There can be two main categories of this kind of risk:

  • Hacking: Hackers of the present era are very proficient and have a lot of different tools and techniques at their disposal. And so, you have to do your best to keep that threat at bay.
  • Virus Threats: This is the most common kind of threat, where from the vast expanse of information on the web, a virus can attack your computer system and thus inflict a lot of damage.


That is why security from online threats, in the form of an effective antivirus, is so important. Apart from that, antivirus software can help you in more ways than just these.

Now, it should be clear why antivirus programs are so important to take into consideration. For an effective shielding against all and every online threat, you will have to invest in some of the best antivirus software you can get. And, there are a lot of different options that you can get as you will see in this Norton antivirus review.

One of the premier antivirus software happens to be the Norton Antivirus. In case you were wondering if you should get this one, then in this Norton antivirus review article, you will get all the information on that.

Norton Antivirus Review

Norton Antivirus Review

Now, the first thing about the Norton Antivirus software is that this works very good right out of the box. It can give you a high degree of protection form all the cybersecurity threat issues that might come your way.

And, a lot of test reports for this antivirus software validate this claim. But still, there are also other factors that go into deciding how good of an antivirus system this is.

For example, one of the important factors to take into consideration is how much impact it can have on the performance of the system. How much it will slow it down.

In this section of the Norton antivirus review. There are all the details of that, regarding what you can get from the Norton Antivirus. With that, you will be able to know beforehand, the adjustments you might need to make. So, it can do its best to keep your computer system safe and secure.

Virus Security Performance

The performance of Norton Antivirus, when it comes to providing protection against system malware, is quite efficient. And, it can provide protection from a lot of different threats both offline and online.

These kinds of threats can come from a lot of different things, like downloads and other browser extensions. Also, if you visit some unknown site on the web, then there is always the chance for virus attacks.

Norton Antivirus is good at monitoring and then quarantining these viruses. Also, you can use this software to block any website that you might find rather suspicious. And this feature can be very useful in certain cases.

The antivirus performance of this software is at par with the top contenders in this category. And the software test labs confirm this with a high-performance rating. So it is all good in this aspect.

Effect On System Performance

The impact that an antivirus software system has on the overall performance of the computer system happens to be one another very important aspect of the quality of the software.

Norton has had a bad track record in this field, yet it had improved over time. But with the current version of the Norton Antivirus, this problem might just be there. Where it will slow down your computer to a significant extent.

From the benchmark test findings, there will be a 13% decrement in the system performance with this on board. And when you initiate the scanning procedure, it might slow down even further.

This is truly a setback when you tally it with the competitors like the Bitdefender Total Security. Although this does the job of antivirus scanning and protection quite well. Still, it does take a toll on the system resources by slowing it down.

That is why the quick scan feature might just be the better option for the regular security checkups.

Privacy Protection Features

This is also an important function of antivirus software, that help secure the browsing privacy. To make a decent comment on this aspect of the Norton antivirus, the fact is that this is not anything remarkable.

You will not get much protection when it comes to securing all bank details among the online transactions. On top of that, there are a lot of relatively less useful features like the two-way firewall.

Although there is the LifeLock protection, in order to use that, you will have to pay an extra $10, that will unlock the Norton Security Deluxe which is quite good by itself.

Also, the lack of encryption systems or the anti-theft systems also put it on the back seat. When you compare it with the other antivirus systems, they have other common useful tools that this one does not have.

As for the VPN services, you will have to get it separately for an annual charge of $60. Although the VPN service is good, the fact that you have to get it separately for a significant amount makes it an unsatisfactory deal.

Interface Quality

The Norton Antivirus interface is quite easy to work with. And, it has all the usual indicators that you might expect from an antivirus software system.

Like the usual green checkmarks and the issue indicators in red. But what catches the eye is the Task Tray, which comes in very handy for a lot of things.

And also, you will find the Quick Scan button there, as you might need to use it often.


Norton is a decent antivirus software with a high level of protection from all sorts of malware. All of which we have covered in this Norton antivirus review. But it does have a significant impact on the overall system performance.

Also, you will not get any extra tools with this which might have been useful. The ones you can get from the other antivirus software.

The price of this software is high, especially when you take into account the extra expenses that you might require to make if you want to use a bit more of the more useful features.

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