Best-in-Class Antivirus: McAfee Antivirus Review

Since its first launch, McAfee has outgrown to become one of the comprehensive cybersecurity firms, on a global scale. With an expanding enterprise business, McAfee aims to design a full range of consumer antivirus tools, that can run on all major platforms. McAfee Antivirus has a long list of features, which include, file shredding, blocking malicious URL. Adding to these it also renders the user with speedup tools for PC, anti-theft feature for mobile devices, and many more. The bonus part is that it covers unlimited devices and virus removal guarantee along with expert support through an active support team.

Inbuilt with a performance module that can dynamically adjust its process and at the same time modify according to the I/O priorities. Its primary aim is to optimize speed and reduce bandwidth usage by allowing the users authorization from auto-play. For enhanced information regarding this antivirus go through this piece of document. Here in McAfee antivirus review, you will get a comprehensive guide on why McAfee is highly reliable for everyday use.

McAfee Antivirus Setup Process

Undercutting most competing brands, McAfee is one of the cheapest antiviruses, that comes along with optimization tools, such as a file shredder and a vulnerability scanner. If you want to go for the most expensive version then it includes new identity-protection features and parental controls, which are exclusive of the midrange McAfee Internet Security programs. However, it still lacks dedicated webcam protection,  hardened web browser, and a virtual keyboard, when brought in comparison with its rival products. But still, its high-end features make it quite exceptional, hence, take a glance at the highlighting facts on McAfee antivirus review:

Convenient Process

McAfee antivirus program gives you in-browser reports about all the blockable threats. This process is found to be more convenient than striving the dashboard, to obtain this information. These reports, in general, constitute the kind of threat and the chances of risk if the site, when you open it. Downloading any infected content also lists the IP addresses attached with possible threats. Even if you are not enough acquainted in the tech domain, it can help you to avoid websites related to those particular addresses.

Further, you can readily configure this anti-malware program, as it follows an easy setup process. It works through steps and processes, equivalent to other antivirus software available in the market. The most important features according to this McAfee antivirus review is that it comes inclusive of a label, such as Links and tabs. It helps you in real-time scanning as well as in automatic updates. These features gain auto-active instructions soon after the installation of the program.

Enhanced Protection Feature

McAfee software automatically updates itself, all you have to do is to restart your system and voila! the updates come into effect. Whenever you are not using the computer, allow McAfee to scan the system for any kind of violations and malicious activities.

One interesting tool that comes along with this antivirus is social protections. This tool has a specific design to assist in scanning your social media pages.  The tool work to make sure whether any links or files, that you are posting on your profiles, are placed securely. Further, it also prohibits you from downloading links from any dangerous site or virus infected site. Nowadays, social media sites are the only target for malware creators. Since social media accounts are active globally and users rely on it, for a daily dose of connectivity, it falls prey to hackers and fraudulent, more often. Here McAfee comes at your rescue.

McAfee Antivirus Review

Device Compatibility

The only unspoken bonus is that this software is compatible with most of the devices, and can readily employ the license for McAfee AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security. All the McAfee antivirus programs versions support Windows 7 and all the latest updated OS up to 10. With the latest policies, these McAfee programs support macOS 10.12 Sierra. Now, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as well as iOS 10, are counted among its multiple connecting platforms.

Additional Benefits

McAfee’s protection services get initiation with a file scanner. This seeks to match files with known malware signatures. At the ever same time, heuristic analysis operates to monitor each and every file behavior. A proper examination of the codes and thereby blocking unknown programs are conducted in “sandboxes”. This is just to confirm whether the program is a threat or not. Lastly, you can start a Full or Quick Scan anytime you need, with just two clicks by navigating to the McAfee antivirus main interface window.

Products Offered From McAfee

McAfee primarily develops digital-security tools which are intended to support personal computers and server devices. Recently they have even started to provide complete protection for mobile devices. Let us have a close look at the other products and sub-products, that McAfee brand include:


The McAfee IntruShield is part of a network-based intrusion prevention sensor appliance. It employed in the prevention of zero-day, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, botnets, VoIP threats, as well as, spyware and malware. However, it was renamed and presently is known as McAfee Network Security Platform.

McAfee Anti-Malware Engine Core (Comes Along With A Code Name: AMCore)

The McAfee Anti-Malware Engine is the core component of all the McAfee Gateway and Endpoint products. Through its copyright(ed) technology, the Engine interprets probably malicious code. Further, it detects and blocks viruses, spyware, worms, adware, Trojans, and other security menaces.

McAfee Change Control

This is a commercial file integrity product, meant to monitor solution, particularly for Windows and Linux platform-based systems.

McAfee DAT Reputation (Data Reputation)

This product from McAfee prevents endpoints from refreshing to a DAT.  Adding to this, it has also played an important role in observing the root cause of unpredicted results in any field, based on earlier McAfee antivirus review. According to its priority, it checks content quality and safety very sincerely.  Before the release of every content, it conducts stringent quality assurance tests.

McAfee E-Business Server

This is also known as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Basically, it is an encryption program that implements cryptographic privacy. At the same time, it requires authentication for data communication. Primarily this product is used for signing, directories, encrypting and decrypting texts. The added bonus comes in the form of e-mails and files security, and whole disk partitions. It adds an advantage to increase the security of e-mail communications.

McAfee Entercept

Entercept’s sole job is to monitor events at the application server or operating system level. In simpler words, it is an intrusion prevention system and the only Host-based IPS (HIPS).

McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor is an in-browser security solution whose prime job is to monitor the browsing activity. This service was later renamed as the McAfee WebAdvisor. It is indeed a well-known product for being a trusty companion that assists you, to keep you secure from threats while you continue browsing through the web.

McAfee VirusScan

This antivirus program is not available as a standalone package. However, it is included in McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee LiveSafe, as well as in McAfee Total Protection. McAfee VirusScan was later replaced as ‘McAfee Endpoint Security’, as it has the capability to incorporate a personal firewall. Through this program, you can ensure that your computer is fully protected from all threats and attacks.

Winding it Up….

McAfee Antivirus is a total solution for protection against potential threats. It is a good Windows antivirus, and it is highly effective at blocking internet threats. Preventing a lot of slowdowns, this can be an ideal match for any device or system. With a personal firewall, a password manager and parental controls, it can scan your social media pages for every malicious activity. With not so tricky adjustments and configurations and moving a couple of files here and there, you can easily use McAfee antivirus. The overall verdict based on this McAfee antivirus review is that McAfee has highly improvised in its malware protection and all its products come at a good bargain, even though its pricier programs might lack few serviceable features.

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