Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec: A Complete Guide and Solution

The Windows Defender is, as we know, an antimalware software which is integrated into the Windows Operating Software. For a seamless functioning of your computer system and for you to stay relieved of the fact that no foreign invasion can harm your system content, the Windows Defender is an effective antimalware that takes care of it all. All the security concerns are in the responsible hands of the Windows Defender program. But, similar to other diverse software, the Windows Defender too, manifests certain annoying issues which most users face frequently. Among those problems, the Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec is the one which we are here to discuss.

The code indicates that the group policy has blocked the integrated software. Now, this eventually hurts the workflow since connecting the system to an internet connection at that time wouldn’t be a wise decision. However, to resume the standard functions of the software, you must proceed to look for the solutions to the problem. And this article provides you with just that. But, prior to the solutions, it is essential for you to learn the various other aspects that one must know in order to prevent it to happen in the future. Hence, stick throughout this article to fix the Windows Defender Turned Off Error Code 0x800704ec.

The Major Causes for the Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec to arise

There are plenty of reasons which trigger the manifestation of this particular Windows Defender problem which displays the error code 0x800704ec. However, proceed to know the two potentially major reasons for the particular code to surface.

  1. A Second Antivirus

You tend to notice that the icon of the Windows Defender transforms into a grayish hue and appears along with the message flashing the error. However, the major reason for such a complication may be due to the presence of second antivirus software. This separate antivirus program conflicts with the Windows integrated one and hinders the Defender to function in a standard manner.

When one downloads as well as installs a different antimalware program, the Windows Defender may tend to malfunction. And the aforementioned selective error code indicates this particular problem only. However, there is a second reason which may give birth to such a frustrating clash.

  1. Faulty System File

A faulty group policy setting or a ruined system file may be the root cause for the manifestation of such an error. This may indicate that your system holds malware which triggered the file damage. Such stealthy invasion of virus or malware gives rise to the specific error code. Also, your system may slow down and eventually end up with multiple application clash until you resolve it.

Of the many potential reasons, the two recently discussed are the major factors which can trigger the error code surfacing. However, now that you know the causes, you can attempt to hinder certain future issues. Now, commence to the successive section in order to learn the solution procedures to resolve the Windows Defender turned off error code 0x800704ec.

4 Quick and Dynamic Ways to Solve the Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec

The Windows Defender caters to diverse aspects of security concerns of a Windows system. But, the issues that the software manifests must be attended to seriously. How else will you resume your seamless operation, if the prior security standards are not tight? However, the problems causing the 0x800704ec error arise mainly due to the above-mentioned reasons which you must consider to resolve the issue. Hence, in case you desire to remove the problem which the error code brings up, ensure to thoroughly go through the underlying essential and efficient processes.

  1. Clean Boot

The clean boot is the method which demands you to begin from scratch. It means you will observe a minimal or only a handful of features. It may sound intimidating but can yield you with the desired change. With the assistance of this clean boot mode, you can determine if the problem is due to the presence of some third-party application. After that, if you notice the smooth functioning of the Defender, this would indicate that the malfunction was due to a third-party effect. However, adhering to the underlying clear instructions can relieve you out of the trouble.

  • Hold the button of the Windows in the keyboard along with the R button simultaneously. This triggers the Run window to manifest wherein you must type ‘msconfig’. Hit the Enter button. The command indicates an input to launch the System Configuration window.
  • When the window of the System Configuration appears, under the Services tab locate the box which states to Hide All Microsoft Services. After locating it, ensure to check the box and then select the Disable All option.
  • Launch the Task Manager and proceed to the Startup tab. Then, right-click on the item that lists in the Task Manager only to select Disable. Repeat this step for each and every item present in the Startup Tab.

After all the processes, close the Task Manager and select OK in the window of the System Configuration. Then, proceed to restart your computer system to make the alterations that you made, effective. Now, run the Windows Defender and inspect if the problem still persists. In case the complication is resolved successfully, then you must understand that the hindrance was due to a third-party indulgence. Therefore, this demands you to uninstall any third-party antivirus program that your system holds. However, this step is far from complete.

Reset and Go back to the Earlier Settings

After having the Windows Defender checked, you must revert back to the earlier settings. And for doing this, you must press and hold the Windows key along with the R button simultaneously. In the Run window, type ‘msconfig’ and hit the Enter button. Under the general tab, select the Normal Startup option. Then, under the tab that says Services, proceed to uncheck the box that states Hide All Microsoft Services just as you did earlier while turning them on. However, then click on the Enable All button and then under the Startup Tab, head to the Task Manager. After that, right-click on each of the items individually present on the list and then select Enable in each case. In case you receive a prompt asking to restart, accept it, and if not, restart the system manually.

Inspect the Windows Defender Service:

The first solution mentioned above must work in case a third-party application was involved. However, in case the problem does not come to halt there, then you must proceed to inspect the Windows Defender Service. Ensure that the Defender service is turned On. At times, they tend to switch off due to infection or due to a third-party program. Adhere to the underlying instructions for attending to the complication.

  • Press and hold down the Windows button as well as the R button simultaneously. This triggers the Run window to appear wherein you must Enter the command ‘services.msc’. In the list, locate the Windows Defender and double-click on the Windows Defender Service. But, ensure that the Startup Type is set in Automatic along with the service being fixed at the Started condition.
  • Inspect the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service as well as the Windows Defender Network Inspection Service. Ensure that the two are activated and are running by repeating the last step. According to the configurations, such settings might just be highlighted grey.

Evaluate for Infections:

At times, the Windows Defender is found turned Off which indicates that your system may have been compromised. The unexpected shut down of Windows Defender may be the malicious activity of malware in order to make your system more susceptible to easy attack. Run a scan in order to eliminate the virus and cure the infection entirely. This can solve the Windows Defender error code 0x800704ec if the virus or malware is the root cause.

Configure Group Policy:

As discussed earlier, the Group policy may potentially be a factor which hinders the proper functioning of the Windows Defender. And for attending to this, you must alter the settings of the group policy. Just obey the steps carefully.

  • Hold down the Windows button along with the R key to summon the Run window. Therein enter ‘gpedit.msc’.
  • Then, head to the section of your device’s Settings and proceed to double-click on the folder of the Administrative Templates. Now, the moment it expands, you must click on the option of the Windows component. Then, tap on the option of the Windows Defender and then double-click on the option that says Turn Off Windows Defender Antivirus in order to open it. Then, choose the not configured choice and then press OK.

Thus, you can easily resolve the Windows Defender turned off error code 0x800704ec problem after you have made changes to the group policy.

Resume your seamless workflow and access the internet freely. And to continue with the smooth operation in your system, you must refer to the comprehensive solutions that we offered. However, in case the problem persists, you must immediately seek help from a reliable agency holding professional experts who can treat the Windows Defender error code 0x800704ec effectively.

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