4 Simple Hacks To Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004

The Windows Defender program is a freeware security service tool provided by the Microsoft in Windows devices. It provides better services than most of the paid antivirus and can be considered as the first line of defense for the Windows devices. Although Window Defender is best in its field, it comes with few drawbacks, one of them is Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004.

Many Windows device users complain that, while trying to update the Windows Defender they are getting the “Virus and spyware definitions couldn’t be updated” notification or “Error 0x80004004: E_ABORT” notification. That’s why today we will learn the reasons behind the error and try to resolve it with a few smart hacks.

Reasons Behind the Error 0x80004004

This error can be caused by various reasons which are hard to find out. Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 does not pinpoint the root of the problem which makes the fixing process complicated and long. After collecting online information and going through a few research we identify some potential factors that can cause the error 0x80004004, these are:

  • Incomplete program installation/uninstallation
  • Installed anti-virus/malware program
  • Virus/Malware infection
  • Bad sectors in the hard disk
  • Corrupt registry files
  • Un-installed updates
  • Unreliable/Unsteady Internet connection
  • Damaged/outdated computer drivers

Common Symptoms of Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004

You may notice some unusual kinds of stuff occurring on your device for a few days but those problems are so mild that you didn’t give too much thought about it. But, this problem can be the warning for the users that his device going to face Error 0x80004004 in future. That’s why learning the situations that this code can give you might ring a bell that you are under influence of this error. Down below, we provide a list of symptoms of Error 0x80004004:

  • The system starts to freeze now and then and crash the background application automatically.
  • The active program gets unresponsive frequently.
  • Web pages with active browsers start to crash.
  • Installation process got stuck sometimes.

Tips to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004

Now that we have learned all the reasons and the indications of this error code, it’s time to learn a few simple tricks to solve your query, how to fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004?

Finding the root problem of this particular error may be troublesome but fixing it is a lot easier than you can imagine. In most of the cases, this error pops up due to a simple mistake by users or connection issues rather than a technical fault. Thus, checking the connection can also solve the problem.

If you already have verified these things and don’t find any problem from them, then you have to rely on the technical solutions. Here are some technical methods to resolve the problem for your device:

Method 1: Set Windows Defender Service to Automatic (for Windows 10)

Now the first thing you should do is set the defender service to automatic for a quick and easy fix. To apply the method type and search Cortana from the device’s home screen and run it as administrator. Now, from the new window, search for Services. When the Service window prompted, enter the correct password before clicking the Continue button. Then search for the Window Defender Service in the Resultant Services window and double-click on it. After that change its setting from disable / manual to automatic. Now, return to the Home Page to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 2: Run Disk Check Utility

Disk Check Utility is a built-in tool which can be a good option to resolve any kind of error. Disk check scans the hard disk to repair any damaged portions and files as long as you have specified parameters. If you are interested in run the disk check (chkdsk) an attempts to fixed the problem, then please follow the below steps:

  • Open your device home screen and press Window Key + X Key to open up menu in the left side of the window.
  • Now select the Command Prompt(Admin) option from the given list and click Yes to run the prompt as an administrator.
  • Next type “chkdsk” in the open black box, but don’t forget to leave an empty space after the “chkdsk” before typing in the drive letter (C) that you need to be scanned.
  • After that, you have to specify parameters before the utility can perform necessary repair because running disk check only identifies damaged sector and files.
  • Now you have to type the following into the prompt immediately after the drive letter “/f/r/x” ( Here letter f tells the utility to fix errors, letter r tells it to identify any bad sectors in the disk and letter x tells it to dismount the drive before the commencement of the scanning process).
  • Next, you have to make sure that disk is not is in use. You can dismount the disk if necessary.
  • After that, press Enter to start the scanning.

Once the scanning process is complete, restarts your device and then, check the status of the Error.

Method 3: Update the device drivers

Drivers are one of the most important parts of the computer system which help to build strong communication between the system and programs/application. For the smooth operation of the device, it is always recommended to keep the drivers up to date. Damage or outdated driver can easily cause various types of error problem and 0x80004004 is one of them. That’s why updating the drivers also helps many users to fix the problem.  

If you think the problem occurs in your device for the same reason then open your device and right-click on the My Computer icon. Then select its properties and choose the Device manager option. Next, look for the devices with a yellow exclamation mark from the device list. These yellow exclamation marks indicate that the driver of those devices are outdated so you need to right click on them and select the appropriate option to update their driver.

Method 4: Remove the junk files

Using the computer all the time leads to accumulation of junk file. If the user doesn’t clear it on a daily or weekly basis, then those junk files start causing internal conflicts and also overload the computer’s hard disk. So, removing these junks can easily resolve the problem. Here is the complete method to remove the junk file from the Hard Disk

  • At first press Windows Key + X Key to open up the menu and then select the Command Prompt (Admin) option.
  • Next type “cleanmgr” and hit the Enter button to start the automatic calculation process. After the calculation, your device will show how much space you can claim back.
  • Now from the given file and folder list you can check or uncheck the files according to your need. You can also choose the Select All option to check all the dialogue boxes occupied by the unnecessary file.
  • Once you’re done, click Ok to remove all the junk file from your device and then check if the error is still there or resolved.     

Hope our article gives you a clear idea about Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 and properly guide you to solve the issue in your device. If these methods are still not able to resolve the problem for you, then contact the professionals of Windows Support. Also, if you have some other effective methods to solve the issue then you can also share it with us.

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