Norton Live Update Error: Quick And Easy Fixes

Norton LiveUpdate is basically a tool produced by the parent company of Norton called Symantec Corporation. This utility downloads the security updates and patches of all the different modules within a Norton security software that includes ‘firewalls’, ‘spyware’, ‘antivirus signature’. This tool allows you to update a specific version of the Norton application. But it cannot upgrade a certain version of this security software to another one. In the following section, we will discuss the reasons behind this Norton Live Update Error.

Reasons Behind Norton Live Update Error

In this section, we will mention the various reasons for which this Norton live update error shows. Some of the common instances when this error pops up are:

  • If the Norton products are not updated i.e. it is running an obsolete version of the security software.
  • When the Norton LiveUpdate tool gets corrupted.

In the upcoming section, we will discuss the solutions to this error in a very elaborate manner.

Solutions To Resolve Norton Live Update Error

This section of the article will provide you with the solutions that will help you to rectify Norton live update error very quickly.

Fix 1: Execute the LiveUpdate Tool

When you do not update your Norton security software to its latest version, then there is a chance for you to get this error. Therefore, the only solution is to attempt to execute the LiveUpdate tool and see if it works or not. Follow these steps:

  1. First, visit the Norton Update Center. Next, launch the security software of this company present in your system.
  2. Now, within the application, tap on the section ‘Security’. Next, choose the option ‘LiveUpdate’.
  3. This option automatically initiates the update process once the LiveUpdate window shows up.
  4. After the update procedure is over, click on ‘OK’. Now, execute the tool ‘LiveUpdate’ till a message pops up reading ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’.
  5. Finally, quit all the programs that are currently running and reboot your computer.

Fix 2: Update the Virus Definition

You can get this issue if the virus definitions are not up to date. Thus, to rectify this error, you need to update the virus definitions of your Norton antivirus.

  1. At first, visit the official Norton website. Within that website search for the virus definitions specific to the product that is present on your system.
  2. After that, download the definitions of all the malicious programs.
  3. Now, a file with a name ‘nis6avdefinitions.pkg’ will automatically be saved on to the folder ‘Downloads’.
  4. Next, go inside that folder and locate the file that you have just downloaded and double-click on it to execute that file.
  5. Once the execution starts, follow the information on the screen to install the definitions of the virus program.

Fix 3: Uninstall Norton Security Software

  1. First, to open the search box of Windows 10 hit the combination of ‘Windows + S’ together. Next, within it type control panel and hit ‘Enter.’
  2. From the search result, choose the option ‘Control Panel’ and the window having this name will come up.
  3. Inside this window, choose the category ‘Programs’. After that, from the new window, select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  4. Now, choose the Norton security software from the list of applications installed on your computer. Then, right-click on it and choose the “Uninstall’ button.
  5. Finally, in order to remove the software, just follow the on-screen instructions within the uninstaller window of the application. Then, reboot the computer.

Re-install Norton Security Software

To get rid of the Norton live update error, after uninstalling the software you will have to reinstall it and inspect it. Then, check whether you are still getting this issue or not while updating the application. In order to install, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First, insert the installation CD or DVD of the Norton security software into the optical drive of your machine. Then, let it execute to initiate the setup of the application.
  2. Next, follow the on-screen instructions and install the software. After the installation is complete, just reboot your system.
  3. Next, when the computer boots up, launch the application and try to update it using the LiveUpdate feature and examine if the issue is resurfacing or not.

If you follow the steps in the above section very carefully, then it possible for you to correct this issue by yourself. However, if by any chance the issue persists, then post your queries in the comment section below. We will resolve it within a few minutes.

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