McAfee Slowing Down Internet: Troubleshooting Guide

McAfee helps you to keep the operating system safe from threats and protects the system from online viruses, malware, etc. Sometimes, you may note that the antivirus is unable to accomplish its job due to a slow internet connection.

There can be various reasons behind this problem, the Internet Service provider, the hard drive’s memory must be full leading to this problem. 

Malware is another most common reason for this problem. Furthermore, browser Add-ons must be responsible for slowing down the internet connection. You might not know how to fix McAfee slowing down internet issue. 

Thus, you need to go through the procedures mentioned below. 

“McAfee Slowing Down My Computer”: Easy Tips and Tricks to Implement 

Below discusses are the effective solutions that you can implement on your own to fix the McAfee slowing down computer. 

Solution 1: Set the Automatic Scan 

The McAfee scans the operating system automatically but the scans are done once in a week. If you are working on the system, then also it can start the scanning procedure. At the time of scanning, it uses a lot of your RAM and processor power. Because of that, the processor will slow down. 

To fix this issue, you need to set the automatic scans for a time when you are asleep or you are busy doing other things. Even, you can disable this antivirus completely. But you should not forget to scan the system occasionally. 

Solution 2: Set the Automatic Updates 

McAfee keeps itself up to date with the latest viruses and other threats. At that time, it uses the Internet connection. It is also an automatic feature but it does not use the processor power like the scanning process. 

When it installs updates, you will notice that the system is slowing down. Hence, you need to set automatic updates for a time when you are asleep. Sometimes, you might disable the updates. Thus, you need to update the system more frequently as definition updates happen regularly. 

Solution 3: Improve the Speed of Scan 

You should know that most of the antivirus software runs the full system scans. Thus, the processor tends to slow down. 

At that time, McAfee will scan all the files one by one. Nevertheless, you can improve the speed of the scans and for that, you need to defragment your hard drive. 

Solution 4: Fix Inadequate Hardware 

If your computer is not using the latest OS then running McAfee and other antivirus software can trigger technical glitches. After installing McAfee, the system might be slowing down. It can slow down the system even if it is not scanning or updating. If you are facing this issue on your operating system, then upgrade the RAM. 

McAfee Slowing Your Computer: Additional Steps You Can Implement 

Here are the steps that you can implement on your own to fix the “McAfee slowing down my computer” issue effortlessly. 

Step 1: Open McAfee Program 

First, open the McAfee program and then change the options. You should not allow constant surveillance. When you are going to untrusted websites, enable the full version of the McAfee. 

When you are visiting any news sites or retailers that are trustable, make sure that McAfee disabled at that time. 

Step 2: Prevent McAfee 

After opening the system make sure that you prevent McAfee from using up all the system resources. After that, open the Start menu. 

Then, go to the search bar to enter “msconfig” and then run the program. Now, head over to the Startup tab to uncheck all the boxes that are related to McAfee. 

Step 3: Run McAfee Virus Scanner 

After switching on the computer, you need to run McAfee’s virus scanner on an everyday basis. That will help you to stop McAfee from slowing down the system. At the time of working, you will notice that McAfee stops while you are working. Thus, it does not hinder your workflow. 

Hopefully, these solutions will help you to resolve McAfee slowing down internet issues without any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Queries 

1. How to get rid of McAfee reminders? 

If you want to get rid of McAfee reminders, then go through the steps that are mentioned below. 

  • Go to the list of the program and click on the McAfee application. 
  • From the top of the list, double click on the “Uninstall” link option. 
  • Now, you need to confirm your choice and for that click on the Yes option. 
  • Next, run the McAfee Uninstall Utility and for that double click on the Yes option again. 
  • After opening the McAfee pop-up window, go to the name of the program to check the box. 

2. How to get rid of McAfee pop-ups on your device? 

Here are the steps that you need to perform to get rid of McAfee pop-ups from the system. 

  • First, go to the Toolbars and Extensions to click on the McAfee WebAdvisor add-on.
  • From the bottom of the window, tap on the Disable button. 
  • Navigate to the Control Panel to uninstall a Program.
  • Now, uninstall the McAfee WebAdvisor and then go to the Internet Explorer to remove it.

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