Avast Blocking Internet Connection? Here’s The Fix

Sometimes, while using the Avast antivirus software in your Windows system, you might note that the Avast blocking internet connection. 

This generally happens when Avast detects any malicious objects which can act as a threat to your device and block the websites. Additionally, it may cause some other troubles as well.

But, do not worry you will get complete solutions to fix the Avast error in order to mitigate internet connection hassles. 

What Causes Avast Blocking Internet Connection Issue?  

You might often experience that Avast is blocking my internet connection due to several reasons that are discussed below.  

  • Avast community includes some applications that are not able to understand which program is safe and which is not.  
  • Avast detects some unwanted programs as threats that may affect your device and blocks the websites. 
  • It might also block ceratin online services when seems to be harmful to your device.
  • Sometimes, Avast blocks a few games and prevents launching ceratin tools which do not have proper administrative rights. 

So, you may get a notification that Avast is blocking the internet. But, sometimes, Avast also blocks certain useful websites that might require updating. Thus, you need to fix the problem at the earliest.           

Methods to Fix Avast Blocking Internet Access Issue  

 These methods can resolve your Avast blocking internet issue without any hassle.  

Turning off Avast Webshield and HTTPS scanning 

You just need to turn off the Avast Web Shield and HTTPS scanning: 

  • First, go to the Avast option on your PC and then open the Avast dashboard. 
  • Now, select the Menu and then the Settings tab. Therefore, go to the Protection tab and select the Core Shields. 
  • Then, go to the Configure Shield Settings page and search for the Web Shield. 
  • After that, disable the option Enable HTTPS scanning to turn it off completely. 

Now, you may not get the Avast interference and can access the internet without any trouble. But, if you still getting the issue then move to the other methods. 

Updating the Avast Antivirus  

You can also update your Avast antivirus to its latest version to fix the Avast blocking internet connection issue. If you are using Windows 10 version then you may follow these below steps.

  • First of all, go to the Avast option on your device and select the Menu option. Then, select the Settings tab and go to the General tab. 
  • Now, select the Update button from the left side and tap the option ‘Check For Updates’. If it requires any updates then you have to update it. 

Alternatively, you can also implement these steps to update the Avast antivirus. 

  • First, go to the taskbar and right-click on the Avast option. 
  • Select the Update option from below and then go to the Program section by right-clicking on it.
  • Then, you need to tap on the option “Check For Updates” again to update the antivirus. 

Now, you can check if Avast is blocking internet access or not. 

Disabling the Avast Protection Temporarily 

If you are still noting that the Avast is blocking internet connection then you can temporarily disable the Avast protection. So, take a glance at the steps to run the websites effectively. 

  • First, select the Avast antivirus icon from the taskbar and tap the Menu button. 
  • Now, select the Avast Shield Control from there and choose any of the given options from the list.  
  • Then, you will get a window regarding Avast security and hence, just select the Yes option for confirmation.

Now, turn off Avast protection for some time and then check whether Avast is blocking internet connection. 

Fixing the Avast Installation Program 

If you are using Windows 10 then you fix the Avast installation program and settings to remove the error. You may follow these steps to fix the issue of Avast blocking internet connection. 

  • First, launch the Avast on your Windows screen by clicking the shortcut menu. 
  • Then, go to the main interface of the Avast program and tap the Menu option from the top-right corner. 
  • Now, select the Settings option and go to the General tab to select the Troubleshooting tab.
  • Therefore, select the Repair App for further procedure and then you need to wait for some time. 

Now, once the repair is done you can reboot the Avast software and hence, check for the error. If the Avast is still blocking the internet connection then you can move to the other solutions. 

Excluding The URLs from The Avast Protection Blacklist 

If you are still getting the issue “Avast is blocking my internet connection” then you can exclude the URL from the blacklist. You can add the URLs and file paths to the latest Avast protection whitelist.  

Just follow the below guidelines to perform the task. 

  • First, go to the Avast antivirus section from your Windows 10 device. Then, open the Avast dashboard and choose the Settings option. 
  • Now, tap on the General tab and search for the tab Exclusions. Then, find the sub-tab URLs from that tab. 
  • Therefore, enter the blocked website links in that sub-tab using the http(s). Then, select the Add option for saving those URLs.    

Now, you can exit the window and try to access the URLs from the browser. You may note that the issue on your computer is resolved without any further complications. 



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