ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review

In this ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review, you will learn about this new antivirus software. The ESET NOD32 is now available for use by general people in their home computers. Whereas, before, it was only used by businesses. So, on to the article now.

Cybersecurity is one of the main causes of concern in the present era of technology. With the media reporting on cases of data breach and other such cyber crimes, all we need is to be protected from such threats. Also, with improving technology, there is an increasing threat of virus attacks. That is why, if you use the internet from your computer or a handheld device, using antivirus software is a must, to ensure the best security that you can. And now you can get the ESET NOD32 for yourself.

In case you were wondering if to buy this one or not, then from this ESET NOD32 Antivirus review, you will have the answer.

The Complete ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review

In this section of the ESET NOD32 antivirus review article, you will find all the information you need.

When it comes to deciding on how good antivirus software is, there is more than just one thing that we consider. Because the usual performance of this software in protecting from viruses will not be enough. Especially, in this day and age of hyperconnectivity, security of one’s private information is critical.

So, in this article, we have taken into consideration all of those things that make this ESET NOD32 antivirus great. Something on which it is worth investing your money.

Now let’s get into the review of the ESET NOD32 antivirus.

Antivirus Performance

Like we have said, that antivirus protection performance will matter, even if it is not the only thing that matters. And as far as the ESET NOD32 goes, the antivirus protection performance is pretty good straight off the bat.

Now, keep in mind that ESET has different versions of their antivirus software. And the ESET NOD32 is the most basic among all. But nevertheless, you still will get premium performance from the NOD32 version.

Just like other powerful antivirus software, the ESET NOD32 works on the same principle. It starts by analyzing source codes of different pages. What it does with that, it looks for malware signatures which it has in its database.

There will be no extensions for the browser but still, the software will monitor the browsing activities. As such, it will be able to give you a prior warning for malware from sketchy websites. You will also have the gaming mode, for putting less processing pressure on the system, which can be utilized for the times you will be doing anything processor intensive.

Now, in order to understand how effective this antivirus software actually is, ratings are necessary. Such performance ratings come out of the various software testing laboratories. And the test reports for the ESET NOD32 give it a fantastic 99% performance rating overall. Any case of false positives will be few and far between.

Effect on System Performance

How the working of antivirus software affects the performance of your computer system is another one of those factors that determine the quality of antivirus software.

Software test reports affirm that with the ESET NOD32, there was about a 4% decrease in the system performance. Now, this is a very impressive record when you consider the competitors that ESET has. And, this performance impact rating is only second to the Bitdefender.

That aspect is one. And the other one is how much of an impact it has on the system while running a scan. For the first scan, after you install ESET NOD32, it might take some time, 32 minutes, as a test showed. But for the subsequent runs of the test on the system, time of scan will keep decreasing and then settle at a point.

But you will not get any option for a quick scan from the ESET NOD32. It might be a negative point for many, but in place of that, you have the Online Scanner. This will help you do exactly what a quick scan does and is quite effective as well.

Privacy Protection

Along with antivirus protection, performance, and impact on system performance, the other important deciding aspect is how good of a job this does in protecting privacy.

This is usually at risk when you are working with important information online. Where it is vulnerable to hackers who always want to get access to your personal information. With this antivirus, you will have anti-phishing and anti-spyware features. This will help protect a lot from the different data breach threats that you might come across online.

And the most important thing that you can get from ESET antivirus, pertaining to privacy protection, is the powerful UEFI Scanner. It is capable of monitoring any firmware that boots new PCs to look for any kind of tampering.

You also get firewall features which can provide you a lot of security from any kind online threat. This can examine the different data packets that enter your system. But still, it will not be able to do much in protecting from the encrypting ransomware attacks. This is something that you can get from the other antivirus software, but unfortunately not from this one.

There is also no VPN service that you can get from this particular antivirus software. And also, you will not get any file shredder software system. But what is really cool with this ESET NOD32 antivirus, is the downloadable SysRescue Live. You can use this to make a flash drive.

User Interface

The interface is a fairly comprehensive one. With all the things that you might expect from an antivirus software interface. And, you get the cool picture of a human-like robot, for that added shine.

On the left side of the windows, you get the list of the different categories. And, on the right side and down low, you will have the More Tools option. Overall, the interface is one which you will find very easy to use.

Conclusion To The ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review

Now that you know about all the details of the ESET NOD32 antivirus it is up to you to decide whether the things that you can get with this will be good enough for you or not.

All in all, this one is a very good antivirus software in terms of performance. And, you will also get different options to upgrade from this one to the other high priced versions, in case you want to use the features they offer.

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