Bitdefender VPN Error 1004: Resolve It in No Time

Bitdefender is basically an antivirus software which is preferred for its world-class security features. However, besides its advantages, Bitdefender antivirus also has some drawbacks. Nowadays users are dealing with the Bitdefender VPN error 1004 quite often. There are many reasons responsible for this error code. In case the endpoint is not configured properly for the communication over the net via a proxy then you may see this error on your device. Sometimes due to the DNS, this VPN error code may pop up on your system. Moreover, If you have a bad internet connection, then also you may face this situation.

Go through the passage in detail and you will get some effective ways to eliminate your glitches.

Bitdefender VPN Error 1004: Corrective Measures that You must Avail

We have discussed some of the effective and practical methods. By applying those solutions you will surely overcome this VPN error code 1004 issue. Have a look:

Update the Bitdefender Antivirus

This is the basic method that you should apply at first. In the beginning, you have to go to Bitdefender Central option and after that, you have to login to your account. Within that, you can see an option that is My Device that is located at the bottom left side of the corner. Now you need to tap on My Device option. After that, a new window will open in front of your screen. Now you need to click on the Install Protection button and expand the list. After that, you have to scroll below until you find the ‘Protect this device’ option. Once you have found it, then click on that. Wait for sometime and after that, you need to open the executable files which are already downloaded within your system.

Keep in mind one thing, this process will download the Bitdefender antivirus automatically, as well as uninstall the old Bitdefender version.

Finally, you need to restart your system by clicking on the restart option, that is located in the left corner of your display. After that, you have to click on the Install option. After the installation process is successfully completed, you need to tap on the Bitdefender icon again.

Now check if the error issue is resolved. If the error code still creates trouble for you, then go to the next one.

Reinstall the Bitdefender VPN

If the above method does not work for you, then this is another way that you can try to troubleshoot this VPN error code 1004. To apply this method, you need to open your device by tapping on the Start Button. After that, you have to search for the Application Options and, then click on that. Now you should click on the Bitdefender menu after that select it and drag it to the Uninstall option. Wait for sometime and then you should reinstall the Bitdefender applications and finally restart your device. In the next startup check whether the issue resolved or not. If still, you need to deal with this VPN error 1004 issue, then don’t be afraid. There is another alternative at your rescue.

Reset the DNS Settings

This method is really helpful to resolve the Bitdefender VPN Error 1004 issue. At first, you have to go to the Start icon. Then you should go to the Network Proxy Settings. For doing this, you have to go to the Control Panel button.  After that, you should click on the Network and Internet icon option. Then, click on the Network Sharing Center button. Now you have to choose the Change Adapter Settings option. You need to double click on the Network icon. Tap on the protocol version 4. After that, you have to select the DNS server address. Once you have to choose it then restart your system again and now this Bitdefender issue will not trouble you any more.


In the above article, you will get complete troubleshooting information about the Bitdefender VPN error 1004. Now we recommended you to apply those solutions one by one and check which one is best for you.

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