Avast Windows 10 Critical Error | Fast And Reliable Troubleshooting Solutions

We install the antivirus to make our life and online experience safer and smoother. Hence, it gets annoying when the Antivirus itself starts creating issues for the users. We understand the annoyance and frustration you are going through because of your Avast Windows 10 Issues. And that is exactly why we are here to your rescue!

Avast Windows 10

Before jumping into giving a solution, let us first take a detailed look at the errors. That way you will understand the reason behind the errors and will be able to resolve them from scratch. There is no point in fixing an error temporarily if it keeps coming back every other day. To correct an error from scratch, you have to understand the root of the issue.


Let’s Fix The Avast Windows 10 Issues!

It’s not possible to discuss every Avast Windows 10 issues here. So, we will be considering some of the most important errors. Among others, the most common Avast Windows issues are…

Avast Won't Open

Avast Antivirus Won’t Start

Well, this is probably the most critical issue with the antivirus faced by the Avast users. If the antivirus stops working, there is no point in having the software in the system. There are a lot of reasons which can cause the temporary stoppage of the service. It’s hard to determine the real cause of the error from here.

To fix the issue, you can try repairing the software from the control panel. That usually provides you with the required result. If for any reason the repair process does not help your case then you can Uninstall and Reinstall the software. If nothing works, it’s probably best to seek expert help though.

Avast Won’t Update!Avast Won't Update

Among others, the update error proves to be a headache for the Avast Windows 10 User. There are many reasons which can lead to the occurrence of the Avast Update error.

To resolve the error, you can always try to update your OS. That sometimes help you resolve the issue immediately. You can also disable the firewall or VPN temporarily while the update takes place. That helps the update process sometimes. You can also clean boot the computer as that provides with the required result as well.

If none of the processes works, we would suggest you seek help from the tech engineers. They will be able to help you with the matter through and through.

Windows Critical ErrorWindows Critical Error

Many of the avast users are facing Windows Critical Error. We understand your inconvenience. The matter can interrupt your workflow. But there I no need to worry, the error can be fixed easily.

You can run the system file checker to identify and fix the corrupted file to resolve the issue. You can even try to boot into windows safe mode as that sometimes helps you resolve the issue. If these do not help you resolve the issues, you can always go for expert advice.


Facing Other Issues?

Are you facing some other Avast Windows 10 Issues? Don’t get disappointed. Just because your issue isn’t mentioned here, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you with the issue. Call your Avast Support Number +1-866-2233-1122 to get answers to all your related questions.

Our tech experts are open round the clock to help you resolve the issue. You can also drop us a mail at our Avast Support Email Id [email protected] or join our Chat Service.



Though all Avast Antivirus Issues are easily resolvable, we always suggest you seek expert advice. They help you through proper technical guidance and provides all possible advice to prevent the recurrence of the error. Whereas Trying resolve the error yourself often lands you in deeper trouble. According to us, it’s always better to stay safe.