A Complete Review Of Webroot Antivirus

Webroot is an antivirus solution that holds some of the most powerful safety standards that can help you make your system more secure. It mainly focuses on the security and speed of the system where it’s been applied to. The unique approach of this antivirus program is to detect and monitor the overall performance of the system. It can perform scans with the most robust databases of malware and in this process, there won’t be any impact on system performance.


Webroot Antivirus Review


In this Webroot Antivirus review, we are going to discuss the performance and the protection standard of this antivirus program compared to others. With antivirus programs like McAfee and Norton, you can get so many features that can compete with this one. The features, pricing, user-interface, protection, and support are the top concerns whenever you go for an antivirus program. That’s why you need to know about all of them in this review.

Different Aspects of the Webroot Antivirus

Due to many reasons, Webroot appears to be one of the best antivirus programs on the market. With the resource efficiency and security measures, it constantly leaves its contenders behind. It also offers you to take a 14-day free trial to get informed about all the aspects of this antivirus program. In this section, it should help you to end your thoughts because you are going to get familiar with the Webroot antivirus in a detailed manner.

Key Features

Webroot antivirus comes with several incredible features coupled with better functionality, that is rare on an antivirus program. There are so many unique and useful features are available with it as mentioned in the section below.

  • Malware detection and monitoring are one of the most significant features of Webroot antivirus application.
  • As it is a cloud-based antivirus program, so the overall size of the application is not more than 15MB which make it a lightweight application. Whereas, the other applications might be half a gigabyte or even more than that.
  • Scanning can be done quickly as it is an important feature of any cloud-based antivirus program. You can perform a complete scan of your system within three minutes. There is no such noticeable performance hits encountered at the time of scanning.
  • Real-time threat monitoring helps to identify and remove incoming threats.
  • It comes with multi-OS support for using it on your favorite Operating System.
  • You can get the desktop UI, mobile application, and browser extension of this antivirus program.

These are some of the most essential features of the Webroot antivirus application. Apart from them, there is ransomware protection, anti-phishing filter, and firewall features that make it more powerful.

Upgrading Webroot

You have already got familiar with the compatibility of this antivirus application with mobile devices. Along with such compatibility, you also get a protective password manager. If you are availing the premium subscription of this antivirus, then you will get 25GB of cloud storage capacity. There might be other options also, but with such a large cloud storage capacity, you can store your important files in a much safer way.

The best feature of Webroot antivirus is its fast performance. And right after this, there is the ransomware protection that takes a close second in the upgradation process. The addition of the limited cloud storage and password manager makes this antivirus more secure than others. Focusing on security and efficiency, Webroot antivirus allows its users to make their system malware free.

Overall Pricing

As far as the pricing is concerned, Webroot takes a different approach than its other counterparts. It mainly focuses on its feature rather than focusing on the number of devices that can use it. Due to such a reason, this is a great choice for an individual device, not for a pack of devices where want to use it.

With the base configuration, an antivirus can protect only a single device and if you want to secure more, then you need to pay more. You will get the ransomware protection in the mobile applications also, which most of the other antivirus programs fail to offer. With the same price range of Norton’s introductory rate, you get more features on the Webroot.

User Interface

It is one of the non-intrusive antiviruses that are available in the market. On installing it on your computer, you won’t face any change on your browser as it leaves the browser. Without any problem, it will help you efficiently scan your computer. Then, it helps to establish a baseline list of several applications which are already installed on the system.

You get to scan the hardware of your computer with the fastest speed possible with the full speed optimization technology. Having a performance impact is the last thing that you will face at the time of scanning your system with Webroot antivirus. It consists of an option called PC Security that deals with all kinds of basic functions that usually come with an antivirus. You can easily turn off the firewall and other shields whenever you want. It’s also very easy to view the quarantined files in your computer and the active connections where it’s connected to.


There are so many pros with this antivirus program that make it more useful. You can always go for it, depending on the pros as stated in the following section.

  • It provides you with little to no performance impact which makes it more powerful.
  • Inexpensive and so flexible to use when compared to other antivirus programs.
  • Ransomware protection feature allows users to get to the next level of security.
  • Comes with a very large malware database to detect as many as threats possible from your device.
  • Fast scan and tiny size are the two important facts that allow this antivirus to be the most useful one.
  • System resources and other advanced features can help to make your system more secure.

That’s all you need to know about the pros of Webroot antivirus application.


Apart from the pros, there are cons too, that come with this antivirus program and you can view them in the section below.

  • There is no live chat support available with this antivirus program.
  • You can use it only on a limited number of devices to protect them from malware and other threats.

These are the main cons of the Webroot antivirus program.


If you are searching for a lightweight and efficient antivirus, then Webroot is the optimum choice that you have over others. With all such pros and cons, it’s up to you whether this antivirus would help you or not. For great performance and scanning, you can go ahead with it.

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